Port Alice

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• Pollution and Treatment information


Location: Port Alice

Owner: Western Pulp

Year built: 1918

Processes And Products:

Process: Dissolving Sulphite

Production: 566 Adut/day unbleached sulphite pulp

Products: Unbleached, Bleached Sulphite Pulp

Bleaching Process: Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)

Fuel Used: Salty hog fuel, oil, sludge


Air: Permit 3760

Landfill: Permit 1634

Effluent: Permit 1240

Pollution And Treatment Information:

Effluent Treatment: Effluent pumphouse, primary and secondary clarifiers, denitrification zone, activated sludge aeration basin

Effluent Discharge: 190,000 cubic m/day

Sludge Disposal: Boiler incineration

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