Quesnel River Pulp

• Description
• Processes and products
• Permits
• Pollution and Treatment information


Location: Quesnel

Owner: West Fraser Mills and Daishowa Canada

Year built: 1981

Number of Employees: 150

Processes And Products:

Process: Thermo-Mechanical / Chemi-Thermo-Mechanical (TMP / CTMP)

Production: 302,000 T

Products: Pulp

Bleaching Process: Chlorine-Free

Fuel Used: Natural gas


Air: PA-05804

Landfill: PR-5320

Effluent: PE-05803 , PE-13412

Pollution And Treatment Information:

Effluent Treatment: Fibre recovery, sludge bunker, gravity clarifier, air flotation clarifiers, biofilm reactors, aearates stabilization basin

Effluent Discharge: 34,000 cubic m/day (permit levels)

Sludge Disposal: Landspreading – see Permit PE-13412

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