News and views on pulp and paper mills in Canada

This is the archival site for the Reach for Unbleached Foundation, which operated from 1995 to 2017. During that time Reach for Unbleached produced extensive research on the pulp and paper industry, especially in British Columbia Canada. Much of the information on clean production of pulp and paper is still viable since little has changed in pulping processes. The information on pollution and its health impacts is similarly current.

This site also preserves Millwatch, the newsletter featuring articles from a variety of authors on the range of issues surrounding pulp and paper mills, the environmental impacts of mills, and the regulatory framework that they exist within.

News and Views

Featuring articles covering a range of issues surrounding pulp and paper mills in Canada.

Mills in BC

Find more detailed information on mills in BC.

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Detailed profile, vision and mandate information about RFU.

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Learn about why paper matters and what you can do to make a difference.