Northwood Pulp

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Location: Prince George

Owner: Canfor

Year built: 1966

Processes And Products:

Process: Kraft

Production: 550,300 (Mfbm)

Products: Pulp

Bleaching Process: Kraft, Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)

Power Boiler Fuel Used: Hog fuel containing up to 10% railway ties contaminated with creosote or pentachlorophenol, natural gas, bunker C oil, tall oil, methanol, turpentine, process soaps, primary/secondary sludge, waste oil, phenolic glue wastes, knots contaminated with black liquor.


Air: PA-02559

Landfill: PR-05000

Effluent: PE-00157

Pollution And Treatment Information:

Effluent Treatment: clarifier, spi8ll pond, aerated stabilization basins

Effluent Discharge: 190,000 cubic metres/day (combined city & pulp mill)

Sludge Disposal: power boiler incineration

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